I Love a Rainy Night

After The Storm


Last year I got a photo of a perfect rainbow over Adelaide. A storm had come through, Henley Beach had cleared and looking across to the hills was a very cool arc of colour. The rainbow was perfect but my photo wasn’t, and I wanted to do it again with the jetty leading the eye to the rainbow. Tonight was similar conditions at long last, the rainbow was there, my timing was perfect. Sadly there was no pot of gold, and instead there’s a heap of construction work in Henley Square at the moment whilst they build a pool beside the beach – I kid you not! So with that ugly foreground, I forewent the photo. What was still cool was the huge glowing cloud above me chasing the storm and sucking up the sun’s last rays. I did get rained on, but it made me feel good, like my cares were washed away.

How Green Was My Valley

Ulowdna Range2015170743


I dunno about in 1941, but my valley view between the Ulowdna Range and Wilpena’s south range was surprisingly green for this area. No idea why the flowers were out in mid-winter, considering it was freezing in the mornings, but that’s climate change for you.

That could be Dick’s Knob on the right, but it could be Fred’s Knob, and the one in the middle is Dick’s? It can be hard to tell one knob from the next unless your name is William Greig Evans.

Rugged Rawnsley

I wasn’t bluffing when I said we’d be climbing this!
Camping south of Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges, ie. Rawnsley Park Station. In winter! Best time of year if you get good weather, the area is quite green, and there are no flies.

We did climb to the Wilpena Lookout which is basically the saddle in the middle above. The view is from the Ulowdna Range, nearly at the top but I lost the race so I could take this photo. Going up was faster than coming down on the golf ball like scree.