Lookin’ out mah backdoor

Here’s the answer to the question you probably thought you’d never ask, can chickens live with a golden retriever dog? This is a breed that is bred to retrieve shot waterfowl and game birds, the operative word being shot, as in ‘almost ready for dinner’.

Now the good news is they are supposed to have soft mouths, and are supposed to return with the bird in no worse condition than they found it. Of course, normally that state isn’t upright and clucking.

When our dog stayed with my sister, he retrieved several of their chickens, and decided they should be in a state similar to hunting conditions, and that didn’t include vertical, or clucking. This was disappointing since I wanted fresh eggs, from chickens who are happy, and upright, and clucking.

Long story short, these chickens are a year old. Approximately 500 eggs have been produced. Approximately 10 feathers were removed. And very roughly about 1000 “noes” were said. One of these noes was when poor Darles (named by daughter, short for Darles Chickens) was being ‘retrieved’, it also coincided with a feather loss.

Eventually the chickens have decided they are dogs. All 3 of them hang out by our back door. This is not a good thing since chickens produce ten times more manure than eggs, see previous number of eggs. They, like dogs, are prepared to fight for their share of the dog biscuit. I suppose this is fair, since if you turn your back for an instant with cage door open the chook pellets are vacuumed up at a magical rate.

So anyway, we have 3 dogs, 2 of them lay eggs, all of them guard the back door, none of them clean up after themselves.

doo doo doo lookin out mah backdoor!

doo doo doo lookin out mah backdoor!

Retrievers and chickens are playing in the band.

BTW, the dog (the white one) looks sheepish because he doesn’t like the rubber mat much, and the other 2 dogs are on his tiles, but a rubber mat is a good idea when you have feathered dogs. The aforementioned feathered dogs are leaving because when the back door opens the the owner of the house usually chases them with a cricket bat trying to discourage back door guarding and fowl fouling of the pitch.

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  1. Cool, and what about the elephants?

    • Joe Hockey told me it was fiscally irresponsible to pay for elephants when chickens will suffice, and David Johnston said he wouldn’t trust us to build an elephant, and Tony Abbott denies that elephants exist.

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