Palm Valley Central Australia

Palm trees are not a common sight in central Australia, in fact natural occurrences are extremely rare. Palms need too much water to survive in a place that get’s only 200mm of rain a year, unless you have the perfect local geology creating an ideal micro-climate. Palm Valley in the Finke Gorge National Park is an area of rocky ground next to high northern cliff where the water from a creek takes a lot longer to evaporate and the cliff provides protection from hot winds and the sun. You need a proper 4WD to get there, ie. something with some ground clearance. More information here. The drive along the Finke river (when not in flood) is impressive also.

The “red cabbage palm, Livistona mariae” – recently discovered that they are not a leftover from Gondwana Land, despite the signs in the park, but were transplanted perhaps some 15,000 years ago, possibly by Aboriginal people.

Palm Valley
It’s a nice walk but very remote, the path is reasonably well sign posted but do your research and plan well. There is no phone coverage for normal cell phones in the park! You can easily do it as a day trip from Alice, providing you have the right vehicle!

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Wonderwalls Gallery

Edit: gallery has been updated with higher res images.

I’ve uploaded a few more pictures on the Wonder Walls to my Flickr stream. It’s hard to capture the scale of some of the artwork, but when looking at the last picture please consider the image was taken with a 300mm lens and the artist was perhaps 9 stories high. At that stretch of the elevated work platform (aka cherry picker), he was moving side to side around 1 meter about every 2 seconds, simply due to the wind!

I’ve tried for a mix of the art as a whole and some of the finer detail, but honestly if you’re in Adelaide it’s well worth the visit to the Port to see it for yourself as no photo is going to do them justice.


Wonder Walls

I was actually trying to avoid posting with a song theme, but Wonder Walls is really the name of the street art that’s being created right now in Port Adelaide.

I was at the wall at 18 Nile Street (number 8 on that map), and caught Seb about halfway through his painting. As you can see, he has van and can, and will art it up. Anyone worried about WHS, the mask was only off for the photo 😉

Order 55 Wonder Wall Port Adelaide Jan 2015

Order 55 Wonder Wall Port Adelaide Jan 2015

More photos to come when I get a chance to post them.

Happy Australia Day to Aussies of all backgrounds and races.

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