About me

Who am I?

I’m an Australian, living in Adelaide. I’m a husband and father, which means I’m slightly crazy, but since I have family who tell me that I am crazy then I must be OK, ‘cos really crazy people don’t actually know that that they are.

Apart from checking my sanity with my Family, my other hobbies are or have been; photography, windsurfing, scuba diving, attempting to grow stuff that can be eaten, providing helpdesk support for my mother’s computers, wine tasting, wine drinking, wine making, beer brewing (from grain and real hop flowers and culturing yeast), avoiding being an alcoholic (failing?), playing the guitar (badly), and learning the bagpipes (och aye!).

Thus these posts could contain anything.

Why not Facebook/Google+/Instagram/etc?

I like social media, I just don’t like the companies that offer it, mostly because their aim is to gather data about me. That information, mostly which is personal, could be used against me negatively. But more insidiously, it makes it harder to keep track of who is real on the internet. I have made many real friends on the net, but the online ‘person’ who knows most about me is Facebook and Google.

Additionally, their rules on my images is that they get to use them without my permission in any way they want, and yes that includes selling them and not paying for them.

I do want to be contactable, and I do want to share online, but I want it to me on my terms. Hence this site.

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  1. Yeha, now if we can only convince the rest of ’em. 🙂

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